Electoral district of Crowlands

VictoriaLegislative Assembly

Location in Victoria
State Victoria
Created 1859
Abolished 1877
Demographic Rural

Crowlands was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly[1] in the Australian colony of Victoria from 1859 to 1877. It was located in north-western Victoria and included the town of Swan Hill.[2]

Electoral district of Crowlands, Victoria

The district was defined as being:

Bounded on the west by the Yarriambiack Creek from the junction of the River Wimmera to Lake Corong; thence by a line north to the Murray; again on the west by a tributary of the River Wimmera to its source near Briggs's Bluff in the Grampians; thence southwards by the Grampians range; on the south by the Dividing Range; on the east by the River Avoca and a line north to the Murray; and on the north by the Murray, excepting the country included within the electoral district of Ararat.


Coordinates: 36°10′S 143°00′E / 36.167°S 143.000°E / -36.167; 143.000


2 members[3]
Member 1 Term Member 2 Term
  John Houston Oct 1859   – Dec 1865   John Woods Oct 1859 – Aug 1864
  Ronald Campbell Nov 1864 – Dec 1865
  Robert Byrne Feb 1866   – Oct 1869   Andrew Love Feb 1866 – Dec 1867
  David Blair Mar 1868 – Jan 1871
  George Rolfe Oct 1869[b] – Jan? 1871
  Robert Walker Apr 1871   – Mar 1874   John Woods Apr 1871 – Apr 1877
  Colin Campbell May 1874   – Apr 1877
[b] = by-election

After Crowlands was abolished, John Woods went on to represent the Electoral district of Stawell from its creation in 1877 to 1892.[1]


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