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Elections in New Caledonia gives information on election and election results in New Caledonia.

New Caledonia elects a legislature. The Territorial Congress (Congrès Territorial) has 54 members, being the members of the three regional councils, all elected for a five-year term by proportional representation. New Caledonia has a multi-party system, with multiple strong parties.

Latest election

 Summary of the 11 May 2014
Territorial Congress of New Caledonia election results
Party Votes % Seats +/–
Caledonia Together24,86323.3113+8
The Rally–UMP (Front for Unity)13,64912.797–6
Caledonian UnionFLINKS13,60212.759
Union for Caledonia in France12,53911.756New
Build Our Rainbow Nation12,28911.526New
National Union for Independence8,8768.326
Labour Party3,6783.451–2
National Front2,7062.5400
One Province for All (in coalition with Caledonia Together)2,5612.402New
North Province Agreement (in coalition with Front for Unity)2,1912.051New
Convergence Country2,1902.050New
Party of Kanak Liberation2,0531.921
Aboriginal Dynamic1,566 1.471New
Union for Building the Loyalty Islands1,5641.471New
The Other Voice9390.880New
Invalid/blank votes1,410
Registered voters/turnout152,45769.95
Source: New Caledonia Government

Past elections and referendums

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