El revólver sangriento

El revólver sangriento

Theatrical poster
Directed by Miguel M. Delgado
Screenplay by Alfredo Salazar
Starring Luis Aguilar
Lola Beltrán
Flor Silvestre
Music by Antonio Díaz Conde
Cinematography José Ortiz Ramos
Edited by Jorge Bustos
Cinematográfica Calderón
Release dates
  • April 2, 1964 (1964-04-02) (Mexico City)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

El revólver sangriento (English: The Bloody Revolver) is a 1964 Mexican western-drama film directed by Miguel M. Delgado, and starring Luis Aguilar, Lola Beltrán, Flor Silvestre, Emilio Fernández, Manuel Capetillo, Antonio Aguilar, and Irma Dorantes, as credited in the film's theatrical posters. The lead actors were credited in an unusual "rigorous appearance on the screen" style, where the film's main characters are not ordered by importance, but by on-screen appearance. Written for the screen by Alfredo Salazar, the film was a production of Cinematográfica Calderón and follows the account of a silver-plated revolver, which has a deadly curse and falls on the hands of different men.


The film opens in a cave with a close-up of Juan Chávez's (Luis Aguilar) silver-plated revolver as he glances at a "Wanted" poster that offers a reward, dead or alive, for his capture. A suspicious man follows Juan out of the cave, and traces him into a small town. There, he enters a bar called "La Patrona", whose bartender is Carmen (Lola Beltrán) who is infatuated with Juan. She serves him something to drink, and they converse, as a next scene focuses on a beautiful woman named Rosa (Flor Silvestre) who sings the song "Cariño bonito" as she waters her geraniums and watches her birds. At the end of her singing, her aunt (Emma Roldán) arrives at the house and tells her of Juan's return to the town. She replies that he came back for her to take her with him, and to prepare her clothes. When Rosa arrives at the bar, Juan responds to her coldly, and even depreciates her.



International releases

The film was released in Italy in 1966,[1] under the title Duello a Santo Cruz (English: Duel in Santa Cruz).[1] Some of the Italian promotional movie posters for the film only credit James Fields, the sound supervisor, Jorge Russek, as "Georgia Russek", David Silva as "David Rayen", and Quintín Bulnes as "Quentin Bulness" as the head cast.

Home media releases

Laguna Films has released the film individually in VHS once, and also along other four Antonio Aguilar feature films in DVD in the "Latigo Norteño" double-sided 2-disc pack.


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