El Extraño Retorno de Diana Salazar

El Extraño Retorno de Diana Salazar
Genre Telenovela
Created by Mario Cruz
Carlos Olmos
Written by Carlos Olmos
Margarita Villaseñor
Carlos Téllez
Directed by Carlos Téllez
Starring Lucía Méndez
Jorge Martinez
Rafael Baledon
Rosa Maria Bianchi
Alejandro Camacho
Carlos Camara
Ricardo Lizama
Opening theme Un Alma en Pena by Lucía Méndez
Ending theme Morir Un Poco by Lucía Méndez
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
Executive producer(s) Carlos Téllez
Location(s) Zacatecas, Mexico
Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
Cinematography Gabriel Vázquez Bulmán
Running time 21-22 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release April 11, 1988 – January 13, 1989
Preceded by Rosa Salvaje
Followed by La casa al final de la calle

El extraño retorno de Diana Salazar (English title: The Strange Return of Diana Salazar) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Téllez for Televisa in 1988.[1][2] It is an unusual example of a telenovela which addresses supernatural topics. The telenovela was two stories one located in Zacatecas, New Spain on 1627 and another in Mexico City on 1988 in which a woman accused of witch who was burned by the Holy Inquisition, reincarnated in a young girl who seeks to find the reason for his constant nightmares where she died burned.

Lucía Méndez and Jorge Martínez starred as protagonists, while Alma Muriel, Alejandro Camacho and Patricia Reyes Spíndola starred as antagonists.


In Mexico during the 17th century, the beautiful and aristocratic Leonor de Santiago is engaged to Don Eduardo de Carbajal. Lucrecia Treviño, who also loves Eduardo, is desperate to prevent the announcement of their engagement. When an Inquisition representative arrives to Mexico, Lucrecia accuses Leonor of witchcraft, in a ploy to foil the marriage. Leonor, stung by the accusation, causes a chandelier to fall down and injure others, under the watch of the Inquisitor. Both Eduardo and Leonor are taken by the Inquisition guards, and die in a bonfire swearing eternal love to one another.

360 years later, Diana Salazar is a typical young woman with recurrent dreams about certain time and place that she finds familiar but she can't explain why. She dreams of herself being Leonor de Santiago and she feels a strong love towards a man she doesn't even know; she has only seen him in her dreams, and his name is Eduardo de Carbajal. One particular day, she meets Mario Villarreal, she recognizes him as the man of her dreams, Eduardo de Carbajal, and automatically falls in love with him. Diana keeps having those dreams about the past so she turns for help to Irene del Conde, a psychiatrist with an interest in parapsychology.

Under hypnosis, Diana begins to remember past facts that make her realize that she is the reincarnation of Leonor. She also discovers that Mario was Eduardo de Carbajal, and eventually, she also finds out that Irene del Conde was Lucrecia Trevino, who is determined to win Mario's love after learning that she couldn't have it in her past life because he was in love with Leonor.



Year Award Category Nominee Result
1989 7th TVyNovelas Awards Best Telenovela of the Year Carlos Téllez Nominated
Best Actress Lucía Méndez
Best Actor Jorge Martínez
Best Antagonist ActressAlma Muriel
Best Experienced Actress Adriana Roel


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