El barchante Neguib

El barchante Neguib
Directed by Joaquín Pardavé
Produced by Gregorio Wallerstein
Written by Joaquin Pardave, Carlos Orellana, Ramiro Gomez
Starring Joaquín Pardavé, Sara García and Jorge Ancira
Music by Federico Ruiz and Rosalio Ramirez
Cinematography Jose Ortiz Ramos
Release dates
September 13, 1946
Running time
90 min
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

El barchante Neguib is a 1946 Mexican film. It stars Joaquín Pardavé as "Neguib" and Sara García as "Sara".

The film revolves around a Lebanese Mexican family that heads to Mexico City to visit their son, Alfredo (Jorge Ancira). The son, is shameful of their family's Arab origin, does not welcome them into his home. Therefore, the father Neguib (Joaquín Pardavé) sets up a clothing store in a market, competing with their neighbor Regina (Dolores Camarillo), whom he incidentally calls "Rajona" (Spanish for someone who gives up easily). The family is also incorporated of the wife Sara (Sara García), daughters Natalia (Olga Jiménez) and Rebeca (Marina Herrera), and the family's rural manservant Piloncillo (Fernando Soto), also known to the family as "Baloncillo".

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