El clon

El Clon

Created by Glória Perez (original story)
Roberto Stopello
Sandra Velasco
Developed by Telemundo Studios Miami
RTI Producciones
Rede Globo
Directed by Mauricio Cruz
Agustin Restrepo
Starring Mauricio Ochmann
Sandra Echeverria
Saul Lisazo
Geraldine Zivic
Narrated by Daniel Lugo as Ali
Theme music composer Nicolas Uribe
Oliver Camargo
Jose Carlos Maria
Opening theme El Velo Del Amor (Baila)
performed by
Mario Reyes "The Gipsy Man" and Sandra Echeverria
Country of origin Colombia
United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 184 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Hugo León Ferrer
Producer(s) Andres Santamaria
Location(s) Morocco
United States
Editor(s) Alba Merchan Hamann
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Original network Telemundo
Caracol Televisión
Picture format HDTV, 1080i
Original release February 15 (2010-02-15) – October 29, 2010 (2010-10-29)
Preceded by Más Sabe el Diablo
Followed by Aurora
Related shows O Clone
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El Clon (The Clone) is a Spanish-language telenovela released in 2010, produced by the U.S.-based television network Telemundo, the Colombian network Caracol Television and the Brazilian network Globo.[1] It is a remake of O Clone, a Brazilian telenovela that originally aired on Globo in 2001 and on Telemundo in 2002.[1] This limited run melodrama, which starred Mauricio Ochmann and Sandra Echeverria,[2] deals with topics such as drug trafficking, cloning and Islam.[3]

Telemundo executive Mark Santana called El Clon "the most ambitious telenovela in the history of television."[2] This melodrama features a love triangle featuring Lucas, a handsome hero, challenging his clone for the love of an enticing, exotic woman. Lucas is young when he falls for a young Arab girl named Jade. She is caught between modern values and her Islamic upbringing. They separate and two decades pass. Then a strange turn of luck brings the pair together. Then Jade meets the clone, who is just like Lucas, but twenty years younger. She must choose between the man she loved and the memory she cherishes.


The remake debuted on February 15, 2010.[2] It is filmed in Fez, Morocco, with some scenes shot on location in the Middle East, and in Bogotá, where Girardot's city represents Fez and Miami,[2] although the main setting is Miami.[4] It includes several members of the original production team, including screenwriter Glória Perez and director Jayme Monjardim.[5]

As part of the 2010 season, Telemundo aired the serial weeknights at 8pm/7c central, replacing Más Sabe el Diablo. The series ended with a two-hour finale on October 29, 2010 with Aurora replacing it. As with most of its other soap operas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3. As part of the production deal, Globo agreed to embargo distribution of the original Portuguese version for five years.


The telenovela tells the story of Jade and Lucas. Jade is a young woman of Arab descent, who is supposed to live with her father's family in Morocco after the death of her mother. Lucas is a young romantic, and son of a powerful businessman. When Lucas is on vacation in Morocco, he meets Jade, and the two of them fall in love. However, cultural differences will not allow them to be together. While they seek ways to realize their love, a pre-written destiny changes their lives forever.

Part One

After the sudden death of her mother, Jade returns to live in Morocco with her family. She feels forced into a Muslim culture that is foreign to her age, but thanks to the sensuality of her dancing, the owner of her heart becomes a stranger to fall in love at first sight. And so began the largest and most beautiful love.

Lucas is a man who lives among the luxuries for the success of Leonardo Ferrer, his father, and the influence of exporting firms. Lucas longs to be a musician, but his family tries to persuade him to become interested in their business. Lucas twin brother Diego, is the candidate to inherit Leonardo empire. Diego is a cheerful and enterprising conquistador that ends in a fight without truce with his father, because of his woman.

Jade's beauty and grace of her movements made at Lucas when sniffing out of curiosity ends at Uncle Ali, a very conservative defender of Muslim customs, capable of facing the world in order to oppose a union that is not blessed by their religion. Uncle Ali and Abdul, who is even more conservative and orthodox Ali will become enemies of love of Jade and Lucas, for as dictated by their culture, will not allow an outsider from breaking the rules of the Koran, and so arranged the marriage of his two nieces with Said and Mohamed, Abdul's nephews.

Unfortunately for Leonardo, Diego dies in an accident when he goes to visit his girlfriend Marisa, a situation that becomes the obstacle of a love that promised to deal with the designs of divine law. Lucas, on pain ends delay its love affair with Jade and forces in the midst of shame and hidden sin to marry Said.

Lucas and Jade are separated for the first time in a final attempt that seems under threat of death, and he takes the place of his brother in both the company and the hand of his girlfriend Marisa, whom he married shortly after. Meanwhile, in Miami, the scientist Augusto Albieri, upset by the death of Diego (which occurred on January 24, 1988), Lucas secretly cloned, thus creating the womb of a woman, Dora, whose infinite desire is to have a creature in her arms, an exact genetic clone Diego: Daniel. All that, indirectly, will put together the legendary love of Jade and Lucas to get to devote a magical legend, written by fate.

However, the mistakes of the past does not end with the love story between Lucas and Jade, and end up reliving a love match. Marisa Lucas and separate, until news of a daughter respective forces them to resume their marriage.

Part Two

The story has a twist 20 years later: Lucas, replacing his brother, had a daughter with his girlfriend Marisa called Natalia, who is a proud product of both her parents and her grandfather for her academic excellence, but she feels she lacks enjoy life more because while others take to the streets to have fun, she stays in her room alone, studying and amid all her troubles, was hired by her grandfather's chauffeur, ex-fighter, for she called Alexander's will have a great hatred to change gradually from an intense love until we have a relationship, but Marisa does not allow his daughter to marry someone of lower class and romance will oppose this, making attempts to cover their pain Natalia with alcoholism and drug abuse, taking a blow to his life.

Daniel, the clone has also grown, with great resentment to his mother for having Albieri away from that known as "Dad," Dora and her mother wanted a simple life rather than luxuries for him, then had to move away from child's doctor, so Daniel escapes to find Albieri and Dora will continue to answer all your questions.

Jade has become a mother and had to keep Said to educate her daughter to the customs of their culture provides, but Said will have a contract with Ferrer business, making business travel by Sa'eed with family, Jade and Lucas again have that thirst to be together, but to achieve the task will be to overcome several difficult tests and all downhill when Daniel appears in the life of Jade, making people swirling around Lucas and Daniel have serious problems in their lives...


Escobar cannot regain Clara, and after several attempts, gives up, then Anita's friend Louise, seduces him, plays with him and tells him to get one that's worth.

Natalia, after having her baby had trouble breathing, improved and remained healthy. Marisa asks that hospitalize her against addictions to avoid any harm to the baby. Natalian enter rehab and as months pass, she succeeds, she continues to struggle daily with the help of Alejandro, his family and his godfather, Enrique. Now recovered, along with Fernando, opened a clinic for drug addicts and put "Paula" which was the name of their drug-addicted friend who never saw again.

Marisa comprises all agree that Lucas go with Jade leaves the house on the road. At the beach, she meets a man who made her laugh while she was sad and so began a love sincere and very strong with she was happy.

Dora makes a demand for Leonardo and all celebrate in her house, but now Daniel is gone, then Miguel, Dora's new partner, says that trust because he always comes back. Daniel while in fear of being killed Albieri (as it sought to send him to prison), it follows Albieri in the desert where he says he let Daniel do not agree and both continue to walk through the desert, this being the last scene appearing in both.

Luisa and the reporter who wanted information about the clone, look for Albieri. Luisa wants to return with him and the reporter who no one believes that the clone exists, wants to prove herself, giving evidence to the world.

Alicia, now away from everyone, becomes a maid and tries to seduce her boss.

Mohamed and Latifa live happily with his family, Samira's boyfriend decides to become a Muslim to be with her, so he is taught by Mohamed, who accepts the relationship.

Nazira escapes with Pablo and live very happy with him.

Said wants to see Jadiya happy and lets her see Jade every week, but Said has another wife who daily fight with Ranya, but is equally happy in their own way.

Karla and her mother go to the beach, where they are choosing the next one to be cheated by them. Cristina and Leonardo have twins and everything starts again in the Ferrer house. Uncle Ali married Zoraida and both live happily together, she makes doesn't allow fighting at home but peace, in the end Ali accepts Jade back.

Jade and Lucas live happily, their love never broke, it was stronger than 20 years later ... and will remain so ...


Main Cast in order of appearance

Actor Character Relation
Mauricio Ochmann Lucas Ferrer
Diego Ferrer
Daniel Padilla
Leonardo's son, Diego's brother, in love with Jade
Leonardo's son, Lucas's brother
The clone of Lucas
Sandra Echeverria Jade Mebarak Said's wife, Khadija's mother, in love with Lucas and was
also in love with Daniel when thinking it was Lucas, was also married to Zein
Saul Lisazo Leonardo Ferrer Lucas and Diego's father, in love with Christina.
Roberto Moll Augusto Albieri Doctor, Leonardo's friend, Luisa's husband, a human who made a clone.
Geraldine Zivic Christina Miranda Friend of Dora, Vicky, Jade and Lucas, in love with Leonardo.
Andrea Lopez Marisa Antonelli Lucas' wife, Natalia's mother, Said's lover.
Juan Pablo Raba Said Hashim Mohamed and Nazira's brother, Jade's ex-husband.
Daniel Lugo Ali Rashid Jade and Latiffa's uncle, in love with Zoraida.
Luz Stella Luengas Zoraida Ali's servant and Jade's confidant, in love with Ali.
Carla Giraldo Latiffa Jade's cousin, Mohamed's wife, mother of Samira i Mohamed Amin.
Mijail Mulkay Bordon Mohamed Hashim Said and Nazira's brother, Latiffa's husband, father of Samira i Mohamed Amin.
Andrea Montenegro Nazira Hashim Said and Mohamed's sister, in love with Osvaldo and Pablo.
Tiberio Cruz Zein Said's friend, was married to Jade.
Indhira Serrano Dora Encarnacion Padilla Daniel's mother, in love with Osvaldo.
Pedro Telemaco Osvaldo Medina In love with Dora, tricked Dora into thinking he was not fertile but it was
actually him, ends up in jail.
Alexander Rodriguez Julio Doctor.
Abel Rodriguez Enrique "Ricky" Alcoholic, in love with Carolina.
Estefania Gomez Vicky Christina and Dora's friend.
Adriana Romero Luisa Doctor Albieri's wife.


Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series end Weekly Schedule Timeslot
 United States Telemundo February 15, 2010 October 29, 2010
 Colombia Caracol Televisión November 18, 2010 August 2011
 Mexico Gala TV March 8, 2010
September 3, 2012
January 14, 2011
May 16, 2013
 Chile Chilevision April 7, 2010 December 13, 2010
 Nicaragua Televicentro July, 2010 March 25, 2011
 Argentina América 2 September 6, 2010 May 6, 2011 Monday to Friday 01:00
 Paraguay Red Guaraní August 2, 2010 April 15, 2011 Monday to Friday 16:00
 Poland TV Puls August 30, 2010 May 20, 2011
 Turkey Fox September 13, 2010 May 25, 2011
 Spain TVE 1 September 15, 2010 April 5, 2011
 Lithuania TV3 (Viasat) September 27, 2010 June 17, 2011
 Croatia RTL Televizija
October 11, 2010
January 2, 2012
March 2, 2011
September 13, 2012
 Bulgaria bTV
bTV Lady
November 18, 2010
September 9, 2012
June 8, 2011
July 27, 2013
 Serbia RTV Pink
Pink Soap
December 28, 2010
May 1, 2013
August 22, 2011
October 31, 2013
 Hungary Story 4 January 4, 2011 September 15, 2011
 Namibia May 2, 2011 January 11, 2012
 Slovenia Pink SI January 31, 2011 October 12, 2011
 Bosnia Pink BH
February 14, 2011
December 13, 2012
October 27, 2011
September 18, 2013
 Montenegro Pink M March 10, 2011 November 23, 2011
 Macedonia Sitel April 21, 2011 March 9, 2012
 Iran Farsi1 April 23, 2011 January 3, 2012
 Israel Viva May 29, 2011
December 23, 2013
January 25, 2012
 Georgia Rustavi 2 September 26, 2011 June 7, 2012
 Armenia Armenia TV September 2012 Cancelled
 Spain Nova June 3, 2013 November 16, 2013


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