El-sayed Lashin

El-Sayed Lashin
Nationality  Egypt
Residence Cairo, Egypt
Born (1980-02-09) 9 February 1980
Alexandria, Egypt
Playing style Shakehand, Offensive
Highest ranking 76 (April 2013)[1]
Club Sporting Elahly
Height 1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight 83 kg (183 lb; 13.1 st)

El-Sayed Lashin (born 9 February 1980 in Alexandria, Egypt) is an Egyptian table tennis player. His current club is Al Ahly in Cairo, where he resides. He qualified for his third Olympic Games at the All Africa Games held in September 2011 in Maputo, Mozambique.[2]

General Interest

Lashin has been playing table tennis since he was eleven years old. He initially only accompanied his brother but soon discovered that he liked playing. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Logistics from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport.


Having made his international debut in 1997, Lashin competed for Egypt at several Continental Championships, All African Games and Olympic Games. He is a two times winner of the Francophone Games and a three times winner of the African Cup.

Career Records

African Championships

1st, gold medalist(s)Men's Team: 2007 Brazzaville, 2004,Mauritius, 2002 Amman, 2000 Damascus, 1998 Port Louis, 1996 Nairobi

1st, gold medalist(s)Men's Doubles: 2007 Brazzaville, 2004, Mauritius, 2002 Amman

2nd, silver medalist(s)Men's Singles:2007 Brazzaville, 2000 Damascus, 1998 Port Louis

2nd, silver medalist(s)Men's Doubles: 2000 Damascus, 1998 Port Louis

2nd, silver medalist(s)Mixed Doubles: 2004 Mauritius, 2000 Damascus

3rd, bronze medalist(s)Men's Doubles: 1996 Nairobi

3rd, bronze medalist(s)Mixed Doubles: 2007 Brazzaville, 1998 Port Louis

African Cup

1st, gold medalist(s)2002 Johannesburg, 1999 Nairobi, 1998 Cairo

2nd, silver medalist(s) 2011 and 2009, Rabat

3rd, bronze medalist(s) 2001 El Minia, 1997 Port Elizabeth

African Games

1st, gold medalist(s)Men's Team: 2011 Malputo, 2007 Algeria

1st, gold medalist(s)Men's Doubles: 2011 Malputo

2nd, silver medalist(s)Men's Team: 2003 Abuja, 1999 Johannesburg

2nd, silver medalist(s)Men's Singles: 2011 Malputo, 2003 Abuja, 1999 Johannesburg

2nd, silver medalist(s)Men's Doubles: 2007 Algeria, 2003 Abuja

3rd, bronze medalist(s)Men's Singles: 2007 Algeria

3rd, bronze medalist(s)Men's Doubles: 1999 Johannesburg

3rd, bronze medalist(s)Mixed Doubles: 2011 Malputo, 1999 Johannesburg

Arab Championships

1st, gold medalist(s)Men's Team: 2010 Um Al Hassam, 2008 Rabat, 2004 Bizerk, 2002 Amman, 2000 Damascus

1st, gold medalist(s)Men's Doubles: 2002 Amman, 2000 Damascus

1st, gold medalist(s)Mixed Doubles: 2002 Amman

2nd, silver medalist(s)Men's Singles: 2002 Amman

2nd, silver medalist(s)Mixed Doubles: 1998 Casablanca

3rd, bronze medalist(s)Men's Singles: 2000 Damascus

Arab Cup

1st, gold medalist(s)Men's Singles: 2007 Sanaa, 2003 Sanaa, 2001 Sussa

1st, gold medalist(s)Men's Doubles: 2009 Cairo, 2007 Sanaa, 2005 Beirut, 2001 Sussa

2nd, silver medalist(s)Men's Singles: 2005 Beirut

ITTF Pro Tour

Winner Doubles: 2010 Morocco Open

SF Singles: 2010 Morocco Open, 2010 Egypt Open, 2009 Morocco Open

SF Doubles: 2011 Morocco Open

QF Singles: 2011 Morocco Open

QF Doubles: 2009 Kuwait Open, 1998 Lebanon Open[3]


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