Ekushey Padak

Ekushey Padak
(Bengali: একুশে পদক)

A Medal of Ekushey Padak, its ribbon and Certificate.
Awarded for Substantial contribution in various fields including: literature, music, education, journalism, poverty reduction, research, and visual arts.
Sponsored by Government of Bangladesh
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Country Bangladesh Bangladesh
Presented by Ministry of Cultural Affairs
First awarded 1976

Ekushey Padak (Bengali: একুশে পদক) is the second highest civilian award in Bangladesh, introduced in memory of the martyrs of the Bengali Language Movement of 1952.[1] The award is given to recognize contributions in a number of fields, including culture, education, and economics.[1] The Ministry of Cultural Affairs administers the award.

The award consists of an 18 carat gold medal weighing 3 tolas and a certificate of honour.[1] The medal was designed by the artist Nitun Kundu.[2] The amount of the cash reward was originally ৳ 25,000, but it was subsequently increased to ৳ 100,000 as of February 2015.

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