British Library, MS Egerton 1782

MS Egerton 1782 is the index title of an early sixteenth-century Irish vellum manuscript housed in the Egerton Collection of the British Library, London.


The compilation dates from c. 1517 and is the work of several scribes of the Ó Maolconaire (anglicised: O'Mulconry), a learned family of lawyers and historians, known also for compiling MS 23 N 10 later in the century.

In spite of its relatively late date (compared to, for instance, the Book of Leinster, Lebor na hUidre or the Yellow Book of Lecan), it is one of the most important documents for the study of early Irish literature. Some texts, such as Aislinge Oenguso, are preserved nowhere else.

The Texts of Egerton 1782

Here follow some of the texts found in the manuscript:


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