Eduardo Menem

Eduardo Menem
Argentine Senator
from La Rioja Province
In office
December 10, 1983  December 9, 2005
Succeeded by Carlos Menem
Personal details
Born 30 April 1938
Anillaco, La Rioja,  Argentina
Political party Justicialist Party
Profession Lawyer

Eduardo Menem (30 April 1938, Anillaco, La Rioja, Argentina) is an Argentine Justicialist Party politician. He is a former Senator and the brother of former President Carlos Menem.

Menem was elected Senator for La Rioja Province for four terms (1983-1989, 1989-1995, 1995-2001, 2001-2005). He served as provisional President of the Senate between 1989 and 1999, holding executive power on many occasions during trips abroad by the President, in the absence of a vice-President after the resignation of Eduardo Duhalde. He also worked as president of the Constitutional Assembly that enacted the 1994 amendment of the Argentine Constitution.

After leaving the Congress, he joined the internal line of the PJ that opposes Kirchnerism.[1] Despite not being part of the Congress, he supported the actions of Julio Cobos in 2010, which were criticized by Néstor and Cristina Kirchner.[2]



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