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Mozart Terrace

Ebury Street is a street in Belgravia, City of Westminster, London. It runs from the Grosvenor Gardens junction south-westwards to Pimlico Road. The odd numbers run from 1 to 231 on the east side and even numbers 2 to 230 on the west side. It was built mostly in the period 1815 to 1860, though the houses near 180 were called "Fivefields Row" when Mozart lived there in 1764.


An area around here called "Eia" is mentioned in the Domesday Book.[1]

22b Ebury Street was constructed in 1830 as a Baptist church but is now divided into several flats.

During the period immediately following the First World War, Number 42 was the workplace or head office of the "Soldiers' Embroidery Industry". Textile bags and workboxes were labelled thus, including the words "Made by the Totally Disabled", i.e. disabled veterans doing rehabilitation work.

At 65-69 is "Ken Lo's Memories of China" a celebrated restaurant established in 1981 by Ken Lo (1920–2001).

Fivefields Row is now called "Mozart Terrace", but numbered in such a way that it is continuous with Ebury Street. A few yards further on is

At 231 Ebury Street is "La Poule au Pot", an expensive restaurant leased from Grosvenor Estates and situated below a block of social housing managed by Peabody, possibly the only genuine community left in the street. In 2006 it was voted number one in "Best for business" and "Best for romance" in Harden's guide.

Where Ebury Street meets Pimlico Road is a triangular area with seating and a bronze statue of Mozart (aged 8) by Philip Jackson. The area is unofficially called "Mozart Square". Several houses on Ebury Street have been converted to hotels.

Notable residents

Lygon Place

Lygon Place is a terrace of Grade II listed buildings located off Ebury Street. The terrace dates from about 1900 and is an Arts and Crafts-influenced design, by Eustace Balfour and Hugh Thackeray Turner. Notable former residents include Freeman Freeman-Thomas, 1st Marquess of Willingdon. Number 5 was an official residence of the Italian Air Attache. Institutions based here included the Margarine and Shortening Manufacturers' Association; the Lion Services Club; and the Institution of Highways and Transportation.





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