Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary

The Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary (Abbreviated E.B.C.S) is a CAMACOP Bible institution in Zamboanga City, Philippines. It's the first and the largest by area Bible institution of CAMACOP.[1]


When C&MA missionaries arrived at Zamboanga City in the 1900s, they realized they need a Bible school to train Filipinos in the way of the Lord. Ebenezer was built upon a foundation of two Christian day schools known as the Ebenezer Schools. The first school was for girls which was established by Rev. & Mrs. David Lund in 1911 and the school for boys was established in 1920. Then in 1926, the two schools were merged to form the Ebenezer Bible Institute with Rev. George Sthrom as its first principal. When the Second World War arrived in the Philippines, the school temporarily suspended its classes. Classes were only resumed in 1946 by Rev. Herbert Jackson. For the first times in 1950, the Ebenezer Principal went to a Filipino, Rev. Vicente Pada. In June 1962, the Ebenezer School Board voted to rename the school as the Ebenezer Bible College. Principal Pada automatically became its first Director. In 1974, the name of the head of the College was changed to President. In 1984, Dr. Adynna Lim became the first woman head of the institution and served until 1993. After that, Dr. Joel Imbing Ortiz; Dr. Benjamin M. De Jesus and Dr. Joel A. Caperig became presidents of EBCS. Currently, Rev. Roland Don S. Dulaca is the President of EBCS.

Ebenezer Leaders

Term in Office Name
Ebenezer Bible Institute
1928-1929 Principal Rev. George Strohm
1930-1931 Principal Harry Edwonds
1932-1935 Principal Rev. Robert Hess
1936 Principal Rev. Herbert Jackson
1937-1941 Principal Rev. Robert Hess
World War II (1941-1945)
Ebenezer Bible Institute (restored)
1946 Principal Rev. Herbert Jackson
1947-1951 Principal Rev. Ernest Gulbranson
1951-1952 Principal Rev. Robert Hess
1952-1958 Principal Rev. Vicente Pada
1958-1959 Principal Rev. Robert Hess
1959-1962 Principal Rev. Vicente Pada
Ebenezer Bible College
1962-1967 Director Rev. Vicente Pada
1967-1973 Director Dr. Rodrigo Tano
1973-1974 Director Rev. Vicente Pada
Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary
1974-1979 President Rev. Vicente Pada
1979-1984 President Dr. Rodrigo Tano
1984-1993 President Dr. Adynna Lim
1993-1998 President Dr. Joel Ortiz
1999-2005 President Dr. Benjamin de Jesus
2005–2012 President Dr. Joel Caperig
2012–-- President Rev. Roland Don S. Dulaca

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