Eat This!

Eat This!
Studio album by SCH
Released 2004
Recorded 2003-2004
Genre Alternative, Experimental, Electro-industrial, Acid, IDM, Noise, Krautrock, Goth, Folk
Label Buybook
Producer Senad Hadžimusić Teno
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Eat This!
Deluge and After

Eat This! is the seventh official album by SCH, released in Sarajevo in 2004. Eat This! is made up of two CDs, one white and one black, exploring sound textures for over two hours. The recording line-up was Teno (guitar/synth/vocals/computer) and Rida Attarashany (synth, vocals). Amir Misirlić, in BH Dani, analyzes the album, saying: "I'm not sure if Eat This! should be approached strictly as a music album. With help of a few collaborators, Teno created and recorded over two hours of music, noise, cacophony and sound experiments that overgrow by far the scene it comes from."[1]

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Track listing


  1. "Birthing babies on the sly"
  2. "Defender"
  3. "Blur"
  4. "Scallop"
  5. "Invisible worm"
  6. "The last of summer"
  7. "Oh, leave me alone"
  8. "Dying for you"
  9. "Flying"


  1. "Waterfront"
  2. "Prozac"
  3. "Days in days out"
  4. "Hope"
  5. "Waxing the dolphin 1"
  6. "Waxing the dolphin 2"
  7. "Waxing the dolphin 3"
  8. "Waxing the dolphin 4"
  9. "Faith"
  10. "Hats off mister"
  11. "Greek Paranoid"


  1. Amir Misirlić with Rida Attarashany, translator. "Putovanje do podruma duše, BH Dani, No. 385, 29 October 2004.".

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