Earl of Hereford

The title of Earl of Hereford was created six times in the Peerage of England. See also Duke of Hereford, Viscount Hereford. Dates indicate the years the person held the title for.

Earls of Hereford, First Creation (1043)

earldom forfeit 1051–1052

Earls of Hereford, Second Creation (1052)

earldom extinct 1057–1058

Earls of Hereford, Third Creation (1058)

earldom extinct 1066–1067

Earls of Hereford, Fourth Creation (1067)

earldom forfeit 1074–1141

Earls of Hereford, Fifth Creation (1141)

earldom extinct 1155–1199

Earls of Hereford, Sixth Creation (1199)

Arms of Bohun, adopted at start of age of heraldry, c.1200: Azure, a bend argent cotised or between six lions rampant or


peerage abeyant 1373 several claimants pending verification


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