Ealdred II of Bamburgh

Ealdred was Earl of Bernicia from 1020/25 until his murder in 1038. He was the son of Uhtred, Earl of Northumbria, who was murdered by Thurbrand the Hold in 1016 with the connivance of Cnut. Ealdred's mother was Ecgfrida, daughter of Aldhun, bishop of Durham.

Ealdred succeeded his uncle Eadwulf Cudel as Earl of Bernicia in 1020/25, and some time probably in the mid 1020s he killed Thurbrand in revenge for his father's death. In 1038 Ealdred was murdered by Thurbrand's son, Carl. He was succeeded as Earl of Bernicia by his brother, another Eadwulf. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle asserts that in 1041 Eadwulf was "betrayed" by King Harthacnut.[1] The "betrayal" seems to have been carried out by Siward, Earl of Northumbria; since when the Libellus de Exordio and other sources write about the same event, they say that Siward attacked and killed Eadulf.[2] It was thus that Siward became earl of all Northumbria, perhaps the first person to do so since Uhtred the Bold.

Ealdred's daughter Ealdgyth was married to Ligulf, who was murdered in 1080.[3] Ealdred's daughter, Aelfflaed, was the first wife of Siward and her son (Ealdred's grandson) was Waltheof, Earl of Northumbria.


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