For the settlement in Cumbria, see Eaglesfield, Cumbria.

Eaglesfield is a small town in south east Dumfriesshire (Dumfries and Galloway), Scotland. It is not far from the English Border with Cumbria


Eaglesfield is of ancient origin, and Blacket Tower is the former seat of an old Borders family. There is some debate about the origin of the first element of the name which may derive from the Celtic word for a church, eglwys in modern Welsh, or eaglais in modern Scottish Gaelic.

Many of the buildings in the town are of recent construction, from the 19th and 20th centuries.[1] The town is a good example of a linear settlement, as most of it is in and around a single road.

The nearest town to Eaglesfield is Annan, which is located approximately seven miles away. [2]


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Coordinates: 55°03′32″N 3°11′49″W / 55.059°N 3.197°W / 55.059; -3.197

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