Eğri Eyalet

Eyālet-i Egīr
Egri ejálet
Jegarski ejalet
Eyalet of the Ottoman Empire




Eğri Eyalet in 1609
Capital Eğri (Hungarian: Eger)
47°53′N 20°22′E / 47.883°N 20.367°E / 47.883; 20.367Coordinates: 47°53′N 20°22′E / 47.883°N 20.367°E / 47.883; 20.367
  Siege of Eger 1596
  Disestablished 1687
Today part of Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia

Eğri Eyalet (Ottoman Turkish: ایالت اگیر; Eyālet-i Egīr,[1] Hungarian: Egri ejálet, Serbian: Jegarski ejalet or Јегарски ејалет) or Pashaluk of Eğri was an administrative unit of the Ottoman Empire formed in 1596 with its capital at Eğri (Hungarian: Eger). It included parts of present-day Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia.

The population of the province was ethnically and religiously diverse and included Slovaks and Hungarians (living mainly in the north), Serbs (living mainly in the south), and Muslims of various ethnic origins (living mainly in the cities). Other ethnic communities included Jews and Romani.

Administrative divisions

The province included the following sanjaks:[2]

  1. Sanjak of Eğri (Eger)
  2. Sanjak of Segedin (Szeged)
  3. Sanjak of Sonluk (Szolnok)
  4. Sanjak of Seçen (Szécsény)
  5. Sanjak of Hatvan (Hatvan)
  6. Sanjak of Novigrad (Nograd)
  7. Sanjak of Filek (Filakovo) (Its center was Rim Sonbat)


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