Dymchurch Martello Tower

Dymchurch Martello Tower

Tower 24, Martello Tower, Dymnchurch
Coordinates 51°01′38″N 0°59′45″E / 51.0272°N 0.995871°E / 51.0272; 0.995871Coordinates: 51°01′38″N 0°59′45″E / 51.0272°N 0.995871°E / 51.0272; 0.995871
OS grid reference TR10164 29252
Built 1805
Type Grade II listed
Designated 23 April 1985
Reference no. 175512
Dymchurch Martello Tower location in Kent

Dymchurch Martello Tower, is a Martello Tower in Dymchurch, Kent England. It stands immediately behind the sea wall.

It has been designated by English Heritage as a Grade II listed scheduled monument.[1]

The towers were built in the nineteenth century as part of a coastal defence programme. It was placed to protect the gates of marsh sluices with its counterpart Tower no 25 (which is now largely derelict).[2]

Tower 23 was restored externally in the early 1970s[3] and is currently a private residence. Tower 24 was then restored using Tower 23 as a guide. In 1969, it became the first Martello tower to be opened to the public and remains as a museum of the Martello Towers, owned by English Heritage.[4]

It is currently open between April to October.[4]

It has a 24 pounder muzzle-loading cannon on the gun platform.[2]


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