Dyagilevo (air base)

Dyagilevo Air Base
авиабаза Дягилево
Airport type Military
Operator Russian Air Force
Location Ryazan
Elevation AMSL 440 ft / 134 m
Coordinates 54°38′30″N 039°34′18″E / 54.64167°N 39.57167°E / 54.64167; 39.57167Coordinates: 54°38′30″N 039°34′18″E / 54.64167°N 39.57167°E / 54.64167; 39.57167
Direction Length Surface
ft m
9,842 3,000 Concrete

Dyagilevo (also given as Dyagilevo, Ryazan Dyagilevo) is an air base in Ryazan Oblast, Russia located 3 km west of Ryazan. It has served as a training center for Russia's strategic bomber force.

In 1955 it was only one of 6 Soviet bases capable of handling the Myasishchev M-4 bomber. In 1967 it had 7 Tupolev Tu-22 used for training.[1] In 1973 it received 2 Tu-22M0 aircraft.[1] It was also home to 43 TsBPiPLS (43rd Center for Combat Application and Training of Air Crew) which included the Tu-22M, Tu-95MS, and Tu-134UBL trainer.[2] In 1985 the 49 TBAP (49th Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment) arrived at Dyagilevo, flying Tu-22M and Tu-95 aircraft and eventually converting into an ITBAP (training regiment). The 49th Regiment was part of the 43rd Centre, and eventually disbanded in 1997.[3]

By 1994 it received 24 Tu-95K (Bear-G) bombers for disposal under the START II treaty. A number of Tu-16, Tu-22, and M-4 are mothballed.

Units stationed at Dyagilevo c. 2004



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