Dvigrad Castle

Dvigrad Castle
Dvigrad Castle
Coordinates 45°07′48″N 13°49′48″E / 45.1300°N 13.8300°E / 45.1300; 13.8300
Type Castle
Site history
Materials Stone

Dvigrad ("Twin-town"; Italian: Due Castelli, Istriot: Docastei), is an abandoned medieval town in central Istria, Croatia. It is located in the Draga valley. The history of the settlement is prehistoric; it remained inhabited until the 18th century.


The region was settled by the Illyrians in prehistoric times. In 1345, Dvigrad was sacked by the Genoese admiral Paganin Doria during conflicts between Genoa and Venice. The Venetians sacked the town in 1383, but did not take rule of it until 1413, when a nobleman from Koper was put in governance. In the 16th century, plague and malaria depopulated much of the town. In the year 1615 it was besieged again, by Uskoks, and while it escaped capture it was abandoned save for a few poor residents within 15 years. Only three families remained by 1650. In 1714, the last residents left the town to ruin.

Present day

The Regional Programme for Cultural and Natural Heritage in South East Europe is attempting to preserve and reconstruct the town.[1]


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