Dulce amargo

Dulce Amargo
Genre Telenovela, Drama, romance, reality, taboo
Created by Marcelo Leonart
Nona Fernández
Written by Iris Dubs
Directed by Olegario Barrera
Miguel Pineda
José Carvajal
Starring Scarlet Ortiz
Erik Hayser
Fernando Noriega
Roxana Díaz
Juan Carlos García
Juliet Lima
Alejandra Ambrosi
Juan Carlos Martín del Campo
Carlos Guillermo Haydon
Carlos Felipe Álvarez
Oriana Colmenares
Opening theme Una vida by Leonel García
Ending theme Una vida by Leonel García
Country of origin Venezuela
United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 120
Producer(s) Jhonny Pulido
Juan Pablo Zamora
Location(s) Caracas, Venezuela
Running time 40-45 minutes
Original network Televen (Venezuela)
Cadena Tres (Mexico)
Telemundo (USA)
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release October 31, 2012 – April 2, 2013
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Dulce Amargo[1] (Bittersweet) is a Venezuelan telenovela produced and aired on Televen[2] in co-production with Mexican channel Cadena Tres and distributed internationally by Telemundo. It is a remake of the Chilean telenovela Los treinta which is adapted by Venezuelan writer Iris Dubs. Official production of Dulce Amargo began on June 11, 2012, and premiered on October 31, 2012 in the prime-time hours.

Scarlet Ortiz[3] and Erik Hayser star as the main protagonists with Fernando Noriega and Juliet Lima as the main antagonists. The co-protagonists include Roxana Díaz, Juan Carlos Martín del Campo, Alejandra Ambrosi, Carlos Guillermo Haydon, Alejandra Sandoval, Juan Carlos García, and Anabell Rivero.[4]

It is the second telenovela produced in high definition by Televen after Nacer Contigo and the first to be co-produced with Cadena Tres. The cast is composed of Venezuelan, Mexican, and Colombian actors.


Dulce Amargo focuses on five couples and their daily struggles. The main couple are Mariana and Nicholas, who are about to celebrate their seven year anniversary. Mariana, overwhelmed by the concern that she can develop a hereditary mental illness, decides to leave her husband and son to make them avoid the pain of seeing her suffering. But soon after, she will be unwittingly captivated by a new passion, and behind this romance will hide the madness of a psychopath. Nicholas and Mariana's friends try to help, but they must first resolve their own conflicts, including infidelity, jealousy, ambition, and addiction.

Dulce Amargo is a contemporary love story, full of suspense and excitement, in which the fall in love, as in real life, can be bitter sweet.


Principal cast

Actor Character Known as
Scarlet Ortiz Mariana Wilhelm Doctor. Nicolás Wife and Daniel's Mother
Eric Hayser Nicolás Fernández Leal Mariana's Husband and Daniel's Father. In love with Mariana
Fernando Noriega Diego Piquer Obsessed with Mariana. Main Villain
Roxana Díaz Bárbara Aguilera Juan Ángel's Wife, in love with him
Juan Carlos Martín del Campo Juan Ángel Custodio Bárbara's Husband, in love with her
Alejandra Sandoval Sofía Hidalgo Rubén´s wife, in love with him
Juan Carlos García Rubén Ascanio Sofía's husband, Cristina's lover
Anabell Rivero Cristina Malavé Sofía's best friend, Rubén's lover
Cristóbal Lander Julio César Bueno In love with Cristina
Alejandra Ambrosi Camila Ramos Héctor's wife and Lucía mother
Carlos Guillermo Haydon Héctor Linares Camila husband and Lucía's father

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Result
Premios Inter 2013
Best Telenovela Dulce Amargo Nominated
Best Actress Scarlet Ortiz Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Juan Carlos García Won
Best Supporting Actress Roxana Díaz Won
Best Actor of Revelation Alejandro Díaz Nominated
Best Actress of Revelation Oriana Colmenares Nominated
Best Song of telenovela Leonel García Nominated
Better Executive Director Olegario Barrera Won
Best Soap Opera Writer Iris Dubs Won
Photography Michelle Montes Won
Best Villain or Villain of the year Fernando Noriega Nominated
Wardrobe Helena Rivas Nominated



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