Dulas, Herefordshire

The church of St. Michael, Dulas.

Dulas is a civil parish in the County of Herefordshire in England 18 km south west of Hereford. There is no village as such named Dulas; the parish consists mainly of scattered farms and dwellings. The major buildings within the parish are Dulas Court, a Victorian country house now used as a residential home, and the now redundant church of St. Michael. This is the replacement for a much older building, which was demolished when the Court was built; all that remains of the original church are an ancient cross and a couple of gravestones on the front lawn of the residential home.

Due to the unspoilt rural nature of the parish it is home to some nationally rare wildlife. The churchyard hosts a variety of orchids, and the Dulas brook that runs through the parish is home to otters and white-clawed crayfish.

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The Dulas parish plan from 2004.

The diocesan website, containing details about the church.

Coordinates: 51°57′43″N 2°54′47″W / 51.962°N 2.913°W / 51.962; -2.913

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