Duke of Tetuán

Ducal Crown
(Spanish Heraldry)

Duke of Tetuan (Duque de Tetuán) is a hereditary title in the Spanish nobility. As with all Spanish dukedoms, it is accompanied by the Grandeeship of Spain 1st Class. The dukedom of Tetuan was granted by Queen Isabella II to General Leopoldo O'Donnell y Joris, 1st Count of Lucena. It was conferred upon him on 27 March 1860, shortly after the Battle of Tetuan in the Spanish-Moroccan War, as a victory title.

It has been held since its creation by members of the O'Donnell family, as the 5th Duchess, Blanca O'Donnell, died without issue of her marriage to Guillermo Pelizaeus. If they had had children, the dukedom would have gone out of the family.

Dukes of Tetuan (1860-)

The heir apparent is Carlos O'Donnell, Marquis of Altamira (b. 1974).


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