Duke of Porto

For the current holder of the title Duke of Porto, see Infante Dinis, Duke of Porto.
Duke of Porto
Creation date 1833
Monarch Pedro IV of Portugal
Peerage Peerage of Portugal
First holder Maria, Duchess of Porto
Present holder Dinis, Duke of Porto
Remainder to Second male child of the head of the Royal House of Portugal

Duke of Porto (Portuguese Duque do Porto) is a royaly-held noble title of Portuguese nobility.

The title's namesake is from the city of Porto, in the north of Portugal.


The title was created in 1833 for Maria, Princess Royal of Portugal by King Pedro IV of Portugal. The title's name was made in honour of the city of Porto, due its loyalty to Pedro IV and Maria II in the Liberal Wars.

Following the use of the title by Maria, Princess Royal of Portugal, the title became associated with the second male child of the head of the Royal House of Portugal.

List of Dukes of Porto

Image Name Lifespan Tenure Monarchical Parent
Queen Maria II, Duchess of Porto 4 April 1819 – 15 November 1853 4 April 1833 – 31 October 1838 Pedro IV of Portugal
Infante Luís, Duke of Porto 31 October 1838 – 19 October 1889 31 October 1838 - 31 July 1865 Maria II of Portugal
Infante Afonso, Duke of Porto 31 July 1865 – 21 February 1920 31 July 1865 – 21 February 1920 Luís I of Portugal
Infante Dinis, Duke of Porto 25 November 1999 - Present 25 November 1999 - Present Prince Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza

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