Duke of Kendal

The titles of Earl of Kendal and Duke of Kendal have been created several times, usually for people with some connection to the royal family.

Earls of Kendal, First Creation (1414)

Earls of Kendal, Second Creation (1443)

Earls of Kendal, Third Creation (1446)

A cadet branch of the Foix-Candale family, descendant of Jean de Foix-Candale, settled in Spain (dropping the 'de Foix') and later moved to Southern Italy, following Charles III of Spain in the 1734 conquest of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, during the War of the Polish Succession:



Barons Kendal, First Creation (1644)

(possible creation)

Dukes of Kendal, First Creation (1666)

Earls of Kendal, Fourth Creation (1689)

Duchess of Kendal, Second Creation (1719)

Barons Kendal, Second Creation (1784)

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