Duke of Faial

Coat of Arms of the Dukes of Palmela.

Duke of Faial (in Portuguese Duque do Faial) is a Portuguese title of nobility granted by royal decree of Queen Maria II of Portugal, dated from April 4, 1833, to Dom Pedro de Sousa Holstein (1781–1850), a Portuguese politician during the first half of the 19th century. He was President of the Council of Ministers (Head of the Portuguese Government) and a remarkable Ambassador in London and to the Congress of Vienna.


When the Queen granted to Dom Pedro de Sousa Holstein the title of Duke of Faial, he was already 1st Count of Palmela (royal decree of 1812) and 1st Marquis of Palmela (royal decree of 1823). Due to his services to the Crown and Country, he obtained the ranking of Duke, as Duke of Faial.

Later a royal decree of the Queen, dated from October 18, 1850, changed his original title to Duke of Palmela.

List of the Dukes of Faial

  1. Pedro de Sousa Holstein (1781–1850), Duke of Faial (title changed to Duke of Palmela in 1850).

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