Lords, Marquesses and Dukes of Elbeuf

The Seigneurie of Elbeuf, later a marquisate, dukedom, and peerage, was based on the territory of Elbeuf in the Vexin, possessed first by the Counts of Valois and then the Counts of Meulan before passing to the House of Harcourt. In 1265, it was erected into a seigneurie for them. Occupied by the English from 1419 to 1444, it passed by marriage to the Lorraine-Vaudémont, a cadet branch of the sovereign House of Lorraine, in 1452. When René of Vaudémont inherited Lorraine, he left the Harcourt inheritance, including Elbeuf, to his second son Claude, Duke of Guise. Elbeuf was raised to a marquisate in 1528. Claude, in turn, left Elbeuf to his youngest son René. It was elevated to a ducal peerage in 1581 for his son Charles, and the title became extinct in 1825.

Lords of Elbeuf (1265)

House of Harcourt

English lords

House of Harcourt (restored)

House of Lorraine

Marquises of Elbeuf (1528)

Dukes of Elbeuf (1582)

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