Duke of Caminha

The coat of arms of the dukes of Caminha.

The title duke of Caminha (in Portuguese Duque de Caminha) was created by royal decree, dated from 14 December 1620, by King Philip III of Portugal (also known as Philip IV of Spain), to Dom Miguel Luís de Menezes, 6th Marquis of Vila Real and 8th Count of Vila Real.

The title was later passed on to his nephew Miguel Luís II, 2nd Duke of Caminha, who was executed for high treason, by King John IV of Portugal instructions, for supporting the right of the Spanish Habsburg Kings to the Portuguese throne after the revolution of 1640.

List of the dukes of Caminha

  1. Miguel Luís de Menezes, 1st Duke of Caminha (1565–1637), also 6th Marquis of Vila Real.
  2. Miguel Luís de Menezes, 2nd Duke of Caminha (1614–1641).

The dukes of Camiña (Spanish Title)

When the 2nd. Duke of Caminha was executed in Portugal for high treason in 1641, his younger sister, Beatrice of Menezes, married to the Spanish Count of Medellin, remained in Spain.

To reward her fidelity towards the Spanish Habsburgs, King Philip IV of Spain gave her, the 23 March 1660, the title of Duchess of Camiña (Spanish spelling) as a Spanish title with Grandeeship of Spain, included today among the titles of the House of Medinaceli.

Beatrice of Menezes never returned to her homeland and this title was never recognized in Portugal

Dukes of Camiña (1660-)

The heiress apparent is Ana Luisa de Medina, Marquise of Navahermosa (b. 1940).

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