Duguwa Dynasty

The Duguwa dynasty is the line of kings (mai) of the Kanem Empire prior to the rise of the Islamic Seyfawa dynasty in 1068. According to the Girgam, the Duguwa kings were the kings of Kanem whose dynastic name is derived from Duku, the third king of the Duguwa. Comparisons with accounts from Arab geographers show that the Duguwa were the kings of the ruling class called Zaghawa. Up to recently historians believed that the Duguwa kings mentioned in the Girgam ruled in Kanem just before the first Muslim kings.[1] From more extensive research it results however, that all the Duguwa kings except one were ancient Near Eastern rulers. Their names and titles bear witness of the founding of Kanem by refugees from the Assyrian Empire c. 600 BCE.[2]

Table of Duguwa kings

Name of the king Earlier dating [3] Historical name and dating [4] Historical identity
Sefc. 700 Sargon of Akkad (2334-2279) Founder of the Akkadian Empire
Ibrahimc. 740 Abraham Legendary Israelite patriarch
Duguc. 785 Hammurabi (1792-1750) Founder of the Amorite Empire
Funec. 835 Pûl/Tiglath-pileser III (744-727) Founder of Neo-Assyrian Empire
Arsuc. 893 Rusâ/Ursâ I (730-713) 6th Urartian king
Katurc. 942 Kuter-Nahhunte (1730-1700) 22nd Elamite king
Buyumac. 961 Bunuma-Addu (c. 1770) 1st king of Nihrija/Nairi
Buluc. 1019 Nabopolassar (626-605) 1st Neo-Babylonian king
Arkuc. 1035 Assur-uballit II (612-609) Last king of Assyria
Shuc. 1077 Sammuramat (810-807) Regent during the infancy of Adad-nirari III (810-783)
Kak.r.ah.. Local king c. 970 CE
Abd al-Djalil/Selmac. 1081 First Duguwa king (1064-1068)First Muslim ruler of Kanem


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