Ducal Palace of Modena

Ducal Palace of Modena
Palazzo ducale di Modena

The Ducal Palace of Modena.
General information
Type Palace
Architectural style Italian Baroque
Location Modena, Italy
Coordinates 44°38′54″N 10°55′46″E / 44.6484°N 10.9294°E / 44.6484; 10.9294Coordinates: 44°38′54″N 10°55′46″E / 44.6484°N 10.9294°E / 44.6484; 10.9294
Current tenants Italian Military Academy
Construction started 1634
Client Francesco I d'Este
Owner Este
Technical details
Floor count 3
Design and construction
Architect Gaspare Vigarani, Bartolomeo Avanzini
Invalid designation
Official name Palazzo ducale di Modena
Type Non-movable
Criteria Monument
State Italy

The Ducal Palace of Modena is a Baroque palace in Modena, Italy. It was the residence of the Este Dukes of Modena between 1452 and 1859. It currently houses a portion of the Italian Military Academy.


Ducal Palace of Modena, 18th century, unknown artist

The palace occupies the site of the former Este Castle, once at the periphery of the city. Although generally credited to Bartolomeo Avanzini, it has been suggested that advice and guidance in the design process had been sought from Pietro da Cortona, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini.

The Palace has a Baroque façade from which the Honour Court and the Honour Staircase can be accessed.

In 1696, Marcantonio Franceschini was commissioned to create a frescoed ceiling for the central Sala d'Onore ("Hall of Honour") for the marriage of Rinaldo d'Este to Princess Charlotte Felicity of Brunswick. The Salottino d'Oro ("Golden Sitting Room"), covered with gilded removable panels, was used by Duke Francis III as his main office.

Modern use

The Palace currently houses the Italian Military Academy, the Military Museum and a library.

Military ceremonies are held in the Honour Court.

Este births and deaths

Being a residential palace, a significant number of Este family members were born or died at the palace including:

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