Dublin County (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

Dublin County
Former County constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
Former constituency
Created  ()
Abolished 1801
Replaced by Dublin County

Dublin County was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons to 1801.


In the Patriot Parliament of 1689 summoned by King James II, Dublin County was represented with two members.[1]

Members of Parliament

Parliaments of Henry VIII

Parliaments of Elizabeth I

Parliaments of James I

Parliaments of Charles I

Protectorate Parliament


ElectionFirst memberFirst partySecond memberSecond party
1689 Patriot Parliament Simon Luttrell Patrick Sarsfield
1692 John Allen Chambre Brabazon
1695 Robert Molesworth Whig Edward Deane
1703 John Allen Joseph Deane
1713 Lord Brabazon
1715 Hon. Edward Brabazon John Allen
1717 William Domvile
1727 Sir Compton Domvile, 2nd Bt
1761 Anthony Brabazon [note 1]
April 1768 Charles Domvile
August 1768 Joseph Deane
1773 Luke Gardiner
1776 Sir Edward Newenham
1789 Lord Ardee
February 1790 John Finlay
May 1790 Richard Wogan Talbot [note 2]
1791 John Finlay
1798 Hans Hamilton Frederick John Falkiner
1801 Succeeded by the Westminster constituency Dublin County


  1. Styled as Lord Ardee from 1763
  2. Declared not duly elected in 1790


  1. O'Hart (2007), p. 501


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