Dover, Singapore

Name transcription(s)
  Chinese 杜佛
  Pinyin Dùfó
  Malay Dover
  Tamil டோவெர்

Dover, Singapore
Country  Singapore

Dover is a relatively small neighbourhood of Singapore, located in Queenstown. It is bordered by Ghim Moh to the north, Kent Ridge to the south and southeast, one-north and Queenstown to the east, Commonwealth and Holland Village to the northeast Clementi to the west and West Coast to the southwest. It is often a noted location due to the sheer number of educational facilities it holds, while lying in a zone between the Central Area and near industrial zone in the vicinity of Jurong.

Etymology and history

The Dover neighbourhood was formerly a British military and residential area. Hence, many road names in the area are derived from English (specifically Kentish) place names. For example, those in Medway Park off Dover Road include names associated with the southern coastal areas of England, including Folkestone and Maidstone, apart from Dover itself. The name "Dover" is from the Celtic word meaning "The Waters", alluding to the English Channel. Medway Park, for instance, is named after the River Medway, which marks the middle of Kent. Kent is the nearest English county to Singapore.

Roads in Dover


There are two Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations which are in proximity to Dover. One is Dover MRT Station, which is EW22 on the East West MRT Line, and the other is Buona Vista MRT Station which is EW21/CC22. However, neither MRT station is situated near the heart of Dover. The former is located next to Singapore Polytechnic, whilst the latter at the intersection of North Buona Vista Road and Commonwealth Avenue. A portion of most residents drop at Dover MRT Station and transfer to a bus (14, 74 or 166), while another portion drop at Buona Vista MRT and take a kilometre walk to Dover.


A 32-storey high-rise HDB block in Dover Crescent
A 12-storey HDB block in Dover Crescent

Dover is known for having many schools and education institutions in its neighbourhood and vicinity.


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