Dourbie is also a tributary of the river Hérault.
Country France
Main source Cévennes
River mouth Tarn River
43°47′4″N 1°41′1″E / 43.78444°N 1.68361°E / 43.78444; 1.68361Coordinates: 43°47′4″N 1°41′1″E / 43.78444°N 1.68361°E / 43.78444; 1.68361
Progression TarnGaronneAtlantic Ocean
Physical characteristics
Length 72 km (45 mi)

The Dourbie is a 72 km long river in southern France, left tributary of the Tarn River. Its source is north of Le Vigan, in the Cévennes. It flows generally west through the following départements and towns:

The Dourbie flows into the Tarn in Millau.


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