Dougie Squires

The Dougie Squires Dancers (1968)

Douglas Squires (born 1932, Nottingham, England) is an English choreographer, known best for his work in television from the mid-1950s.

The groups he has choreographed for television include:

As well as TV work he has been involved with theatrical productions and fund-raising events. In 2009 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire for his services to the Performing Arts.

The Young Generation

The Young Generation were a dancing and singing group created specifically for television in the late 1960s and thus were the first act of their kind to regularly appear on British TV, primarily on the BBC. The troupe were created by Dougie Squires. The group were mainly dancers, but also sang songs either accompanying other singers or performing stand alone numbers.[1] Their BBC debut came on the 1967 series The Rolf Harris Show.[2]

The line up for the Young Generation often changed, but the original teams consisted of: Mike Bevan, Sue Avory, James Capehorn, Harvey Clark, Joanna Cram, Ray Cornell, Ray Davies, Pat Goh, Johnny Greenland, David Hepburn, Judy Monks, Bob Howe, Jenny Morgan, Terry Jones, Margie Rumney, Terry Roberts, Michael Tye-Walker, Pauline Wall, Gerry Wedge, Miranda Willis, Valerie Barrett, Bobby Bannerman, Ann Chapman, Brian Evans, Jackie Dalton, Danny Grover, Marlene Domanska, Harry Higham, Dee Eldridge, Roger Howlett, Sally Graham, Scott Mackee, Jane Herbert, Rhys Nelsen, Linda Herbert, John Parsons, Lesley Judd, Brian Rogers, Janie Kells, Joseph Saber, Linda Laurence, Frederick Share, Cheryl St. Claire, Barrie Stevens, Maggie Vieler, Ricky Stratful, Rae Wallace, Donald Torr, Wei Wei Wong and Andy Wallace. The group continued working with Rolf Harris on Show Of The Week hosted by Harris on BBC2, 19 May 1968.[3] Later that year, they became the resident dance/singing act on BBC2's International Cabaret, appearing alongside such acts as Massiel, Georgia Brown, Gilbert Becaud and Tessie O'Shea. During this time, they also appeared with Rolf Harris on his own BBC1 TV series.[4] During this TV run, new members joining the troupe included Heather Beckers, Marie Betts, Iain Burton, Chris Cooper, Roger Finch, Denise Fone, Danny Grover, Carolyn Heywood, Erik-Jack, Linda Joliff, Kay Korda, Patricia Lovet, Denis Morrissey, Peter Newton, Sandy Penson, Jeremy Robinson, Terry Robinson, Ricky Stratful and Trevor Willis.[5] Nigel Lythgoe[6] and Ken Warwick[7] joined the group in 1969, before becoming two of television's most successful choreographers and producers later in their own right.

In 1970, the troupe continued to appear on BBC2's Show Of The Week and other BBC series in which they appeared included Lulu at Berns Restaurant,[8] A Royal Television Gala Performance,[9] The British Screen Awards,[10] The Rod McKuen Show[11] and Fifty Years Of Music.[12] On Christmas Day 1969, they appeared simultaneously on BBC1 and BBC2, starring in Christmas Night With The Stars,[13] hosted by Val Doonican on BBC1 and in their own 'special' Jesus[14] on BBC2. In January 1970, they were given their own self-titled BBC2 TV series,[15] while concurrently running 'specials' on BBC1 included The Young Generation meet Lulu,[16] The Young Generation meet Esther Ofarim[17] and The Young Generation meet Shirley Bassey,[18] Another regular series with Rolf Harris followed in 1970 and 1971 on BBC1 and on BBC2, they starred alongside Kenneth Williams in Meanwhile on BBC2.[19] Later in 1971, they appeared with Vera Lynn in Show Of The Week and Don Lurio temporarily replaced Squires as the troupe's choreographer.[20] Their next BBC series came in 1972 on BBC1 in Engelbert with The Young Generation starring Engelbert Humperdinck.[21] In 1973, they starred alongside Vince Hill in BBC2's series They Sold A Million.[22] The same year saw another series: The Young Generation Big Top, which featured Clodagh Rodgers, The Bachelors, Danny La Rue and Sandie Shaw.[23] A second series of They Sold A Million aired in 1974, followed the same year by Ken Dodd's World Of Laughter on BBC1.[24] Their last BBC series was The Musical Time Machine which aired on BBC2 in 1977.[25] They continued to appear regularly with Vera Lynn on BBC shows, including A Jubilee Of Music in 1976.[26]

Later members of the group who had joined by 1973 included Vonnie Barnes, Walter Cartier, David Hampshire, Veronica France, Jerry Manley, Kay Frazer, John McClainey, Jackie Hall, Steven Payne, Martini Howard, Georgina Keane, Karen Knight, Sue Lake, Di Palmer, Liz Roberton, Benita Shawe, Michelle Thorne, Spencer Shires, Donald Torr, Trevor Willis and Geoff Richer[27] who also went on to be a successful choreographer, launching his own troupe Geoff Richer's First Edition who appeared on many TV shows, including Seaside Special.[28]

Outside of television, the troupe also made stage appearances, including the 10-week run of Meet Me In London at the Adelphi Theatre with Tommy Steele beginning in April 1971.[29]

Lesley Judd perhaps was the most well-known of the group, despite walking out of the troupe in breach of contract.[30] Soon after she joined Blue Peter and became a regular TV and radio presenter through to the early 1990s. Wei Wei Wong had other minor TV roles (including Warship [31] and Spy![32]) and appeared briefly in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun[33] and was a hostess on both ITV's The Golden Shot and 3-2-1.[34] Sally Graham left the group early on to become one of the short-lived founder members of The New Seekers. Singer David Van Day was a later member of the group, as was Mary Corpe who later joined Pan's People.[35]

BBC TV Series:

The Second Generation

Eventually, the group disbanded, but were replaced by a similar, short-lived concept troupe named The Second Generation.[36] Some of the troupe reunited with Squires in 2016.[37]


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