Dorothea of Bulgaria

Dorothea of Bulgaria
Queen consort of Bosnia
Tenure 1377 – c. 1390
Died c. 1390
Spouse Tvrtko I of Bosnia
House Shishman
Father Ivan Sratsimir of Bulgaria
Mother Anna of Wallachia

Dorothea of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Доротея, Serbo-Croatian: Doroteja/Доротеја; died in cca 1390), also called Doroslava (Дорослава), was the first Queen of Bosnia.

Dorothea was the daughter of Ivan Sratsimir, the Tsar of Bulgaria who was captured in 1365 by the Hungarians following their conquest of his capital city Vidin. Her mother was Ivan Stratsimir's wife, Anna of Wallachia. King Louis I of Hungary retained her and her sister at the Hungarian court after her father was restored in 1369. Dorothea was placed in care of the queen, Elizabeth of Bosnia, and queen mother, Elizabeth of Poland.[1] Dorothea's sister died soon, while Dorothea herself fell in favour of the king.[2] He gave her in marriage to his cousin-in-law, Ban Tvrtko I of Bosnia.[1]

Dorothea married ban Tvrtko I in Saint Ilija[2] (today's Ilinci, near Šid) on 8 December 1374[3] and became Banness of Bosnia. On 26 October 1377 her husband was crowned King of Bosnia and she became the country's first queen. As queen, Dorothea witnessed her husband's charters and took oaths to respect them, initially alongside her mother-in-law, Jelena Šubić.

Queen Dorothea died shortly before 1390.[4] She may have had a son, the future Tvrtko II of Bosnia. Her husband planned to remarry, this time to a member of the House of Habsburg, but he died in 1391.


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Dorothea of Bulgaria
Royal titles
Title last held by
Elizabeth of Kujawia
Banness consort of Bosnia
Became queen
New title Queen consort of Bosnia
26 October 1377–1390
Title next held by
Jelena Gruba

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