Dorokha Gewog

Dorokha Gewog
Country  Bhutan
District Samtse District
Sub-district Dorokha Dungkhag
Time zone BTT (UTC+6)

Dorokha Gewog is a former gewog (village block) of Samtse District, Bhutan.[1] Dorokha Gewog is part of Dorokha Dungkhag (sub-district), together with Dorokha and Denchukha Gewogs.

The people here speak Nepali and are predominantly Hindus. It is not connected by road to any part of the country. The nearest town, and district headquarters, is Samtse, about 12 hours walk away. Residents carry their supplies either on their own back or on horse-back.

A road reaches the Gewog, which was scheduled to be completed by 2011-12.[2]

The road reaches the remote village of Sengten and a road also leads to Sengten Primary School. The road has connected the previously isolated Doya and Rai communities to the outside world.


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Coordinates: 27°01′N 89°13′E / 27.017°N 89.217°E / 27.017; 89.217

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