Doosan Encyclopedia

Doosan Encyclopedia
Author editorial staff
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Genre Reference encyclopedia
Publisher Doosan Donga
Publication date
Media type 30 volumes (hardbound)
Doosan Encyclopedia
Hangul 두산세계대백과사전
Hanja 斗山世界大百科事典
Revised Romanization Dusan Segye Daebaekgwa Sajeon
McCune–Reischauer Tusan Sekye Taepaekkwa Sachon

Doosan Encyclopedia is a Korean language encyclopedia published by Doosan Donga (두산동아). The encyclopedia is based on the Dong-A Color Encyclopedia (동아원색세계대백과사전), which comprises 30 volumes and began to be published in 1982 by Dong-A Publishing (동아출판사). Dong-A Publishing was merged into Doosan Donga, a subsidiary of Doosan Group, in February 1985.[1][2][3]

Digital Edition


The online version of the Doosan Encyclopedia is named EnCyber, which is a blend of two English words: Encyclopedia and Cyber. The company has stated that, with the trademark, it aims to become a center of living knowledge.[4][5] EnCyber provides free content to readers via South Korean portals such as Naver.[6] Naver has risen to the top position in the search engine market of South Korea partially because of the encyclopedia. It is said that when Naver exclusively contracted Doosan Doonga in 2003, the former paid multi billion won to the latter in royalties.[6][7]

The articles in the encyclopedia aim to educate readers in every age group. It is regarded as a major encyclopedia in South Korea.[7] As of 2009, EnCyber is the biggest online encyclopedia of South Korea.[8][9]


On November 1, 2010, the digital output 'Encyclopedia' was 'renamed 'doopedia', a portmanteau from the company name 'Doosan' and the English word 'encyclopedia'.[10] On 7 November 2013 were 463,953 items in the 'doopedia' available.[11] In the Korean Wikipedia on that day there were 252,830 articles.

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