Donbass Strategic Offensive (August 1943)

Donbass Strategic Offensive
Part of Eastern Front

Map of the Donbass Offensive (in German)
Date13 August 1943 - 22 September 1943
LocationDonets Basin
Result Soviet victory
Nazi Germany Germany
Kingdom of Italy Italy
Kingdom of Hungary (1920–46) Hungary
Romania Romania
Soviet Union Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Nazi Germany Erich von Manstein
Nazi Germany Erhard Raus
Nazi Germany Edwald von Kleist
Kingdom of Italy Italo Gariboldi
Kingdom of Hungary (1920–46) Gusztáv Jány
Romania Petre Dumitrescu
Soviet Union Joseph Stalin
Soviet Union Fyodor Kuznetsov
Soviet Union Dmitri Lelyushenko
Soviet Union Vasili Gerasimenko
Soviet Union Filipp Golikov

The Donbass Strategic Offensive was a strategic operation of the Red Army on the Eastern Front of World War II with the goal of the liberation the Donbass from Nazi invaders. As a result of the Soviet victory, the contribution of the important economic region no longer benefited Nazi Germany, and by 1944 the Soviet Union had restarted its industrial operations in the region. As a byproduct of the Soviet offensive, the German Army was also forced to retreat from the Kuban.[1]


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