Don Thompson Award

Don Thompson Award
Awarded for Achievement in comic books, comic strips, and animation
Location Motor City Comic Con
Detroit, Michigan
Country United States
Presented by CompuServe
First awarded 1992
Last awarded 1998

The Compuserve Comics and Animation Forum's Don Thompson Awards (also known as the Thompsons) were given for achievement in comic books, comic strips, and animation. Initiated in 1992, they were originally known as the Compuserve Comics and Animation Forum Awards for the CompuServe forum that created and gave out the award. In 1994, after the death of long-time comics enthusiast and publisher Don Thompson, the awards were renamed in Thompson's honor. The final awards were presented in 1998.

Nominees were selected by Compuserve Comics Forum members, with write-in votes allowed; voting was open to Compuserve Comics Forum members. The awards were administered and presented annually at the Detroit-based multigenre convention Motor City Comic Con.


Awards are for work done during the listed year.

Best Achievement by a Writer

Best Achievement by a Penciller

Best Achievement by an Inker

Favorite Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team

Best Achievement by a Painter

Best Achievement by a Letterer

Best Achievement by a Colorist

Best Achievement by an Editor

Best Achievement by a Cover Artist

Best Achievement by a New Talent

Talent Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

Best Achievement by a Writer & Artist

Favorite Writer & Artist or Cartoonist (Drama)

Best Achievement by a Cartoonist

Favorite Individual Comic-Strip Creator or Creative Team

Favorite Individual Comic-Book Creator or Single Creative Team

Best Achievement by a Political Cartoonist

Best Long-Form Animation

Favorite Animated Film

Best Short-Form/TV Animation

Favorite Animated TV Series

Best Cover

Favorite Cover

Best Continuing Series

Favorite Ongoing Comic Book Series

Best Limited Series

Favorite Limited Comic-Book Series

Best New Series

Favorite New Series

Most Improved Series

Favorite Short Story (less than one standard issue in length)

Best Single Issue

Favorite Single-Issue Story (about one standard issue in length)

Best Story Arc

Favorite Serialized Story (continued from issue to issue or otherwise longer than one standard issue in length)

Favorite Comic-Book Work for All Ages

Best Graphic Novel

Favorite New Graphic Novel or Graphic Album

Best Non-Fiction Work

Best Reprint Series or Collection

Favorite Reprint Graphic Novel or Graphic Album (Current Work)

Favorite Reprint Graphic Novel or Graphic Album (Historical Work)

Best Publication Design

Favorite Publication Design

Best Marketing Idea

Best American Publication of Foreign Material

Favorite American Presentation of Foreign Material

Best Publication About Comics

Favorite Publication about Comic Strips, Comic Books, or Animation

Best Anthology

Best Newspaper Strip

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