Domitian of Huy

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Saint Domitian of Huy
Bishop of Tongeren
Born 6th century
Died 560
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast 7 May
Patronage fever; Huy, Belgium

Domitian of Huy (also, of Maestricht) was a Gaulish bishop of the sixth century who is noted for both his generosity and writings against heresy. He is venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.


Domitian was the bishop of Tongeren, in modern-day Belgium. He is notable for speaking out convincingly against heretics and pagans, especially at the Fifth Council of Orléans in 549. He encouraged the development of polemic against heresy in the early church, and worked to evangelize the Meuse Valley. He is occasionally referred to as the Apostle of the Meuse Valley for his efforts there.

Domitian also constructed churches and hospices in order to care for people spiritually and physically. He was well known for his generosity, as well as his ability to procure money via fund-raising, a talent that once helped to ease a famine in his bishopric.


Domitian's relics are kept and venerated at Huy, Belgium, the city of which he is now the patron saint. He is also invoked against fevers.


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