Domhnall Óg Ó Domhnaill

Domhnall Óg Ó Domhnaill (died 1281) was a King of Tír Chonaill and a member of the Uí Domhnaill. He was a son of Domhnall Mór Ó Domhnaill, King of Tír Chonaill (died 1241) and the latter's wife, Lasairfhíona, daughter of Cathal Crobhdhearg Ó Conchobhair, King of Connacht.[1] Domhnall Óg had two brothers: Maol Seachlainn (died 1247) and Gofraidh (died 1257).[2] Domhnall Óg was fostered amongst Clann Suibhne.[3] He married a member of this kindred, and a member of Clann Domhnaill.


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