Domenico Millelire

Domenico Millelire

Domenico Millelire, pseudonym of Domenico Leoni, (La Maddalena, 1761 – La Maddalena, 14 August 1827) was an Italian patriot, and officer of Regia Marina Sarda (Sardinian Royal Navy). He is recognised to have gained the first Gold Medal of Military Valor in the Italian history.[1]


He was son of Pietro Leoni and Maria Ornano, his three brothers were Navy's officers too. In February 23, 1793, Domenico Millelire, in command of the Sardinian fleet, defeated near the Maddalena archipelago the fleets of the French Republic which included, with the rank of lieutenant, the young and future Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte.[2] He was subsequently decorated as recompense with the gold medal of the Reign of Sardinia and a life annuity of 300 Lire.[3]



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