Domenico Corcione

Domenico Corcione

Domenico Corcione with italian President, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, in 1992
Minister of Defense
In office
17 January 1995  17 May 1996
Prime Minister Lamberto Dini
Personal details
Born (1929-04-20) 20 April 1929
Nationality Italian
Political party Independent
Alma mater Modena Military Academy

Domenico Corcione (born 20 April 1929) is a former Italian military staff and defense minister of Italy.

Early life and education

Corcione was born in Torino on 20 April 1929.[1] He entered military academy in Modena in 1950 and graduated in 1952.[1]


Corcione was a general and served as the chief of the defence staff.[2] Then he was appointed defense minister, being the first military figure to hold the post in the history of the Italian Republic.[2][3] He was appointed to the post on 17 January 1995 and served in the cabinet led by the then prime minister Lamberto Dini until 17 May 1996.[1][4][5]


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