Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show

The Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show was bought by Jan Orr-Harter in 2009 and renamed The Fort Show of Antiques and Art. The Fort Worth Show is the longest-running antique show in the American West, held each March at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX.[1]

"The Fort Worth Show is the most comprehensive and has the most depth of any antique show in North Texas, plus---it's fun!"—Shopper Comment[2]

Founded in 1963 by Dolly Johnson in Fort Worth, Texas,[3] the show became the proto-type for others shows that focused on American Country Antiques. According to the first volume of Antique News & Views,[4] when Dolly Johnson visited the 1982 debut of the Heart of Country Antique Show in Nashville, Tennessee, she was "a petite, fun-loving 19 year veteran antique show manager from Ft. Worth, Texas." In the 1990s, Johnson's daughter, JJ Frambes, took over leadership of the show, working to sustain and enhance the quality of the 50 select exhibitors. In 2009, Frambes sold the show to long-time staff writer Jan Orr-Harter, owner of Hot Tamale Antiques in Aledo, Texas. For nearly 50 years, four generations of the Johnson family had worked to produce the show each year at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth's Cultural District. According to the Dallas Morning News,[5] Orr-Harter added more art to the show, expanded the diversty of antiques and the number of exhibitors and began to promote the event through an internet reflection on the meaning of a life lived in the midst of all things antique and vintage.[6]


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