House of Dolgorukov

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Princely arms as of 1798
Ethnicity Russian
Place of origin Obolensk
A church in the Dolgorukov family manor of Podmoklovo, 1714-22.

The House of Dolgorukov (Russian: Долгоруков) is a princely Russian family of Rurikid stock. They are a cadet branch of the Obolenskiy family (until 1494 the rulers of Obolensk, one of the Upper Oka Principalities) and as such claiming patrilineal descent from Mikhail of Chernigov (d. 1246).

The founder of the Dolgorukov branch of the Obolenskiy is Prince Ivan Andreevich Oblenskiy (15th century), who for his vengefulness was given the nickname of Долгорукий Dolgorukiy, i.e. "with a long arm". Obolensk was incorporated into the expanding Grand Duchy of Moscow in 1494, and the house of Dolgorukov became a powerful noble family in Tsardom of Russia and the Russian Empire.

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