Doctor Who Unbound

Doctor Who Unbound is a series of audio plays produced by Big Finish Productions. Free from the constraints of continuity, the Doctor Who Unbound audios present a series of "What if...?" scenarios, and cast new actors in the role of the Doctor.[1]

David Warner is reprising his version of the Doctor in series 3 of The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield subtitled The Unbound Universe.[2]


No.TitleDirected byWritten byDoctorFeaturingRelease DateProd.
1"Auld Mortality"Nicholas BriggsMarc PlattGeoffrey BayldonSusan ForemanMay 2003 (2003-05)BFPDWUNCD01
"What if... the Doctor and Susan had never left Gallifrey?"[3]
2"Sympathy for the Devil"Gary RussellJonathan ClementsDavid WarnerThe Brigadier, the MasterJune 2003 (2003-06)BFPDWUNCD02
"What if... the Doctor had not been UNIT's scientific advisor?"[4]
3"Full Fathom Five"Jason Haigh-ElleryDavid BishopDavid CollingsTBAJuly 2003 (2003-07)BFPDWUNCD03
What if... the Doctor believed that the ends justified the means?
4"He Jests at Scars..."Gary RussellGary RussellThe ValeyardMelAugust 2003 (2003-08)BFPDWUNCD04
"What if... the Valeyard had won" at the end of The Trial of a Time Lord?[5]
5"Deadline"Nicholas BriggsRobert ShearmanDerek JacobiTBASeptember 2003 (2003-09)BFPDWUNCD05
What if... Doctor Who did not materialise as a television series?
6"Exile"Nicholas BriggsNicholas BriggsArabella WeirTBASeptember 2003 (2003-09)BFPDWUNCD06
"What if... the Doctor had escaped the justice of the Time Lords" at the end of The War Games?[6]
7"A Storm of Angels"John AinsworthMarc PlattGeoffrey BayldonSusan ForemanJanuary 2005 (2005-01)BFPDWUNCD07
"What if... the Doctor really had changed history, even just the tiniest bit?"[7]
8"Masters of War"Jason Haigh-ElleryEddie RobsonDavid WarnerThe Brigadier, Davros, Daleks, ThalsDecember 2008 (2008-12)BFPDWUNCD08


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