Dmitry Troubetskoy

Dmitry Timofeievich Troubetzkoy

Dmitry Timofeyevich (Timofeevich) Troubetzkoy (Troubetskoy) (died 24 May 1625, buried in Troitse-Sergieva Lavra), Prince, was the claimant to the Russian throne 1612, governor of Siberia, "duke of Shenkursk".

Undoubtedly the most prominent of early Troubetzkoys was Prince Dmitry Timofeievich (9th generation from Gediminas), who helped Prince Dmitry Pozharsky to rise a volunteer army and deliver Moscow from the Poles in 1612. The Time of Troubles over, Dmitry was addressed by people as "Liberator of the Motherland" and asked to accept the Tsar's throne. Since he could hardly then pass the throne to the other Troubetskoy who were Catholics due to their royal position in Lithuania and Poland, he bestowed the Russian Tsardom on the son of his sister who had married into the noble family of Romanov. He contented himself, however, with the governorship of Siberia and the title of the Duke (derzhavets) of Shenkursk The Principality of Seversk was given to him as an independent state, and again because of religious interference, not being able to pass it to the Troubetskoy, he then left it back to the Tsar when he died. Prince Dmitry died on May 24, 1625 and was interred in the Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra.

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