Divoká Orlice

Dzika Orlica river valley in Lasówka, Central Sudetes, Poland.

Divoká Orlice (Polish: Dzika Orlica, German: Wilde Adler) (English: Wild Eagle) is a river in the Sudetes, separating the Bystrzyckie Mountains and Orlické Mountains. It is one of the main tributaries of the Orlice River, and is a part of Elbe river basin. It has its sources in Poland and then forms the border between Poland and the Czech Republic for 26 km. In Albrechtice nad Orlicí it joins with the Tichá Orlice to form the Orlice river. It is 99.3 km long.

Coordinates: 50°08′04″N 16°04′09″E / 50.1345°N 16.0691°E / 50.1345; 16.0691

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