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The island country of Tonga has five levels of administrative divisions of Tonga. Each of these is further divided into a total of 23 districts. Below are several lists of the divisions, according to different sorting schemes.[1][2]

Administrative subdivisions

NameNotes Capital Area (km²) Inhabited Islands
Area (km²)
Population Density
Tongatapu part of the Tongatapu GroupNukuʻalofa 275.527275500274
Vava'u Neiafu 161131.31493092.7
Ha'apai Pangai 132.11114.2663750.2
'Eua part of the Tongatapu Group'Ohonua 88.388501656.8
Ongo Niua managed directly from NukuʻalofaHihifo 7271.9128217.8
Tonga Nuku’alofa 728.8677.4103500142.1

By Districts

The seven districts of Tongatapu
NameSubdivisionISO 3166-2:TO codeNotes Capital Area (km²) Population Density
Kolofo'ouTongatapuTO-041West Nukuʻalofa0.00189600.0
Kolomotu'aTongatapuTO-042East Nukuʻalofa0.00171000.0
NeiafuVava'uTO-051with Ofu and surrounding islandsNeiafu24.057800.0
HahakeVava'uTO-053east Vava'uTa'anea30.0023000.0
HihifoVava'uTO-055west Vava'uLongomapu30.0021050.0
MotuVava'uTO-056Vava'u south islandsHunga45.1679850.0
'Eua Motu'a'EuaTO-011'Eua North'Ohonua44.5028520.0
'Eua Fo'ou'EuaTO-012'Eua SouthAngaha44.5021640.0
Niua ToputapuOngo NiuaTO-031Hihifo20.0076038.0
Niua Fo'ouOngo NiuaTO-032'Esia52.0052310.0
Tonga Nuku’alofa 728.8103500142.1


Minerva reef is generally considered to be a part of Tonga. it never formed part of any administrative subdivision or district of Tonga.

Area stats

The districts of Tonga have the following statistical info: The average size of a district is 31.7 km², while the median area is 0.0 km². the size of these districts is predominantly dependent on the land area of the islands they occupy.

Population stats

The districts of Tonga have the following statistical info: The average district population is 4,500, while the median is 0.

According to official data from the 2011 Tonga we had over 20 cities with a population in excess of 200 inhabitants. The country's capital Nuku'alofa is the only city had a population of over 20000 residents; 2 city with a population of 1 ÷ 5 thousand. and the rest of the cities of less than 1000. residents.

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