Division of Franklin (state)

This article is about the state electorate. For the federal electorate, see Division of Franklin.
TasmaniaHouse of Assembly

Map of Franklin
State Tasmania
MP Lara Giddings (Labor)
Will Hodgman (Liberal)
Jacquie Petrusma (Liberal)
Nic Street (Liberal)
Rosalie Woodruff (Greens)
Party Labor (1), Liberal (3), Greens (1)
Namesake Sir John Franklin
Electors 74,189 (2014)
Area 6,911 km2 (2,668.4 sq mi)
Demographic Outer metropolitan

The Electoral Division of Franklin is one of the five electorates in the Tasmanian House of Assembly. The division is named after Sir John Franklin, the Arctic explorer who was Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen's Land (1837–43). The boundaries and name of the electorate are shared with the federal Division of Franklin. It includes most of the suburbs of Hobart, such as Kingston, Seven Mile Beach and Lauderdale as well as the rural towns of Huonville, Franklin, Cygnet, Margate and Bruny Island. The subantarctic Macquarie Island is also part of the electorate.[1] In state elections, five members are elected to Franklin through the single transferable vote.[2] The division measures 6,911km2.

Current members

Members for Franklin

Year Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party
1909   David Dicker Labor   Alexander Hean Anti-Socialist   John Earle Labor   Thomas Hodgman Anti-Socialist   Norman Ewing Anti-Socialist   (Sir) John Evans Anti-Socialist
1912   Liberal   George Martin Labor   Liberal   Liberal
1913   Arthur Cotton Liberal
1915   Daniel Ryan Liberal
1916   Alexander Hean Liberal   William Shoobridge Labor   Frederick Burbury Liberal
1917   Nationalist   Nationalist   Nationalist   Nationalist
1917   Arthur Cotton Nationalist
1919   Benjamin Watkins Labor   Albert Ogilvie Labor   William Dixon Nationalist
1922   Independent   Country
1922   William Pearce Labor   Peter Murdoch Nationalist   John Piggott Country
1922   William Shoobridge Labor
1925   Benjamin Watkins Labor   William Sheridan Labor   Independent   Independent
1928   Henry Baker Nationalist   Benjamin Pearsall Independent   Nationalist
1931   Independent   Alfred Seabrook Nationalist   John Dwyer Labor
1934   Edward Brooker Labor   Benjamin Pearsall Independent
1937   Basil Plummer Labor   George Doyle Nationalist
1939   Francis McDermott Labor
1940   Vincent Shoobridge Nationalist
1941   Henry Hope Labor   Thomas McKinley Labor   Sir John McPhee Nationalist
1946   Reg Wright Liberal   Bill Neilson Labor   George Gray Independent   Tim Jackson Liberal
1948   John Brown Labor
1948   Charles Hand Labor
1949   Archibald Park Liberal
1950   Thomas Pearsall Liberal
1955   Mabel Miller Liberal
1956   Brian Crawford Labor
1959   Eric Barnard Labor   Bill Young Liberal
1960   Independent
1962   Lynda Heaven Labor
1964   Terry Martin Labor   Jack Frost Labor   Doug Clark Liberal
1966   Eric Iles Liberal
1969   Geoff Pearsall Liberal   Stanley Gough Liberal   Doug Lowe Labor
1972   John Beattie Liberal
1976   Ray Sherry Labor   Steve Gilmour Liberal
1977   Bill McKinnon Labor
1979   Dick Adams Labor   Michael Aird Labor   John Cleary Liberal
1979   Bill McKinnon Labor
1981   Independent
1982   Ken Wriedt Labor
1986   Peter Hodgman Liberal   Fran Bladel Labor   Nick Evers Liberal   Gerry Bates Greens
1988   John Cleary Liberal
1989   Michael Aird Labor
1990   Paul Lennon Labor   Brian Davison Liberal
1995   John Sheppard Labor   Mike Foley Greens
1996   Paula Wriedt Labor   Bruce Goodluck Independent
1998   Matt Smith Liberal
2001   Martin McManus Liberal
2002   Neville Oliver Labor
2002   Nick McKim Greens   Will Hodgman Liberal   Lara Giddings Labor
2008   Ross Butler Labor
2009   Daniel Hulme Labor
2010   David O'Byrne Labor   Jacquie Petrusma Liberal
2014   Paul Harriss Liberal
2015   Rosalie Woodruff Greens
2016   Nic Street Liberal

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